Ages 18 and up

June 23 - Jan 01

Recently named by Caroline's on Broadway as one of their 2022 Breakout Artists, Tommy is a sweet young man who started performing standup comedy in Chicago after realizing that a desk job with his Accounting degree wasn't as sexy as he originally thought. Tommy soon won the Laugh Factory's standup competition "Verified Laughs" and began playing clubs across the country. He has since become a paid regular at the Laugh Factory, Zanies, Skyline Comedy Club, the Chicago Improv, and Caroline's on Broadway, among others. When he first worked with the late great Louie Anderson, Louie was kind enough to say Tommy's set was "alriiiight". It's been smooth sailing since then (lie). 

Along with his standup, you may know Tommy from his popular web series Roommates-In-Law, which he created with fellow comic Tim Smith. The series has gained a large following online and amassed over 1 million views.

Tommy's never-grow-up demeanor and midwestern nature will have you re-telling his jokes at the dinner table while thinking "was he really funny or did I just see a potential son in him?

Jack Reeves (MC)
Tim Smith (Feature)

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