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Are you a teen or do you have a teenager in your life who you think is funny?  It can be painful and awkward navigating the coming-of-age years.  It’s best to learn to laugh at it all.  I want to teach you how to do that.

Class Structure:

Five-week stand up class designed specifically for teenagers. The class fee is $200.  The next session will begin Wednesday, July 13th from 1:00-3:00pm and will run until August 10th ending with a final grad show performance.  

Class Objectives:

This class will focus on developing student’s self-awareness of what makes them unique and how to find the funny in the joys and sorrow of their complex lives. 

Students will learn how to take their thoughts and everyday experiences and transform them into a cohesive joke with structure.

Students will learn to write, develop, edit and rehearse a 5-7 minute comedy routine with the end goal of performing in a grad show on the Comedy Castle stage.

There will be a focus developing student’s self-confidence, stage presence, and general rules when performing stand-up comedy.  This experience will promote the development of self-esteem, social development and also positive mental health.  We believe, these skills are not only valuable to performing, but also to all aspects of life and success.

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Five-week beginners’ class, the next session begins with two classes offered on  Saturday, July 30th from 9:30am – 11:30am or 11:45am – 1:45pm and Monday, August 8th, 2022 at 6pm – 8pm @ Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle.

The fee is $200 for the series. Classes are fun, motivating and focused on writing and performing stand-up comedy. A graduating class showcase will also be scheduled.

The beginner comedy class is designed to offer direction and support for new comedians with a heavy focus on writing and performing. New comics will spend time writing and rehearsing a 7 minute stand up set.

Classes focus on writing, performance, stage presence, likability, the search for your “voice.”

As well as tips on how to get started in stand up and the pitfalls to avoid.

Bill has over 20 years of road and club comedy experience, and over 10 years of teaching experience. Check out his fan page on Facebook for insight and class reviews.

Message Bill Bushart on Facebook or email if you have any questions about the Beginning Comedy Class.


Six-week advanced class starting Saturday, July 30th, 2:00pm – 5:00pm.  The fee is $200 for the series. 

Students should have completed Comedy 101 with Bill Bushart or have one year of experience performing and seven good minutes of material.

A special showcase show at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle at the end of the class
Hours of critiques of stand-up routines, class “field trips” with the instructor to open mikes at shows including spots at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Laff Tracks, and other area clubs.

Every session features extensive time for Q&A’s.

Lecture topics will include:

  • All aspects of Comedy Writing including set structure, tags, call backs, segues, crowd work, dealing with hecklers and common mistakes made by comedians;
  • All aspects of performance from stage presence, to what to wear on stage, to using notes effectively without distraction;
  • How to be an emcee in a professional comedy environment like Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle;
  • How to book and run your own comedy show;
  • Creating promo material like headshots, bios, and demo videos;
  • Types of comedy shows and their pay scales from open mikes, to showcases, clubs one-nighters, college and corporate shows.

Message Joel Fragomeni on Facebook or if you have any questions about the Advanced Comedy Class.

Call for further information, or to reserve your spot! 248.542.9900 You MUST pre-register. 

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