Jeff Leeson
Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle

Jeff Leeson

Eric Johnston, Tim Finkel

Ages 18+
Jeff Leeson has been described as a “one of a kind performer”

His off the cuff, improvisational, electrifying style leaves crowds not only wanting more, but stunned at what they just witnessed. While a lot of comics work to hone and craft an act that they can deliver verbatim to audiences night after night, Jeff creates a brand new show every time based solely on the audience in front of him.

Jeff began his journey into comedy at the age of 14, and now 18 years later is one of the best and brightest comics on the professional circuit. The brilliant thing about Jeff’s act is that no two shows are ever alike. His signature end of show “wrap-up,” where he integrates all the audience members he has already talked to, has been described as “human fireworks.”

Jeff’s stand up has been featured on Sirius/XM radio, The Bob & Tom Show, MTV, & iChannel, and his improvisational style made him the perfect fit to host “London Tonight with Jeff Leeson” and “The Inside Joke” and in 2018, Jeff released his highly anticipated Comedy Special entitled “Off The Cuff.”

Venue Information:
Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle
310 S. Troy St.
Royal Oak, MI, 48067